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Why we do what we do

Uncontrolled Conflict is a corrosive force that can lead people to hurt each other.

When problems in any type of relationship escalate into conflict situations the risks of harm to the people involved and other individuals escalate. Our conflict management services are provided as a collaboration between the team at Mediation Institute who provide professional training and support for dispute resolution practitioners and John Cleary.

John is a long time dispute resolution professional who out of frustration at seeing the huge numbers of people who are turned away from Mediation every year when working with a Government Funded Mediation Service developed a process to help. Conflict Management for One was developed and refined to help those who are not ready or able to go straight to mediation services when they have a dispute to resolve.


To empower people who are in conflict with the knowledge, understanding and access to support they need to take control over their conflict management process.


We work to enable our clients to have clear direction, understand their options and make good, informed decisions when seeking to manage their conflict situation.

Our Team

Joanne Law
Director Mediation Institute

Joanne is an experienced Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP), Coach, Supervisor and Trainer. 

She is a passionate leader of innovation in the training and delivery of dispute resolution services to make them more accessible, empowering and fit for purpose. 

John Cleary

John Cleary

Dispute Resolution Professional

John is a very experienced Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor and Conflict Coach.

He is the creator of the Conflict Management for One process for people who, for whatever reason, are having difficulties with engaging with dispute resolution processes. 

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Additional team members

Dispute Resolution Professionals

We have a team of dispute resolution professionals available to join us in providing services depending on needs and demand. 

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