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Conflict Management for One

A confidential, individual session with a qualified Conflict Management for One certified Mediator. This session is designed for anyone who is feeling in need of additional support to work out the best way forward to resolve their conflict situation.  


Mediation is a facilitated dispute resolution service where a qualified and accredited Mediator assists two or more people who are in dispute to attempt to resolve some or all of those issues. The Mediator who facilitates your Conflict Management for One session will not be the same person who facilitates your Mediation process. 

Group Conflict Management Facilitation

Group Conflict Management Facilitation is a process that may include individual sessions and group work and is designed to assist when there is ongoing conflict which has developed and is harming the group dynamic. 


Conflict Management for One Facilitator Training

This training is available for dispute resolution professionals or others very experienced in working within conflict situations. 

The training is provided by Mediation Institute in collaboration with John Cleary. 

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