Take Control of Your Conflict with Conflict Management for One

How can Conflict Management for One help
with Conflict Management.

Understand your Options

With the focused support of a skilled mediator, you'll gain a clearer perspective on your circumstances and available choices.

When to use it

The CM-1 session can occur after a mediation that didn't go as planned, during breaks between sessions, or as a standalone option if others involved in the conflict cannot or choose not to attend.

Focus on what matters

Sometimes we get trapped in our conflict story. Your facilitator can help you to consider different perspectives and gain new insights.

Connect with Resources

Experienced mediators are well-versed in the available options and can discuss them with you, aiding you in your decision-making process.

CM1 benefits
Conflict Management for One

Rely on a Trusted Mediator for Your Peace of Mind

In times of dispute or conflict, a single session of conflict management for one can provide invaluable clarity and fresh perspectives. Regardless of others’ choices, this process empowers you to navigate your situation with confidence and control.

When should you use CM1?

You have the flexibility to utilise CM1 at any stage of your mediation process to manage communication and ensure a constructive resolution effectively. Whether you choose to integrate it into your preparation phase to understand the parties’ communication styles, implement it during the mediation session to facilitate dialogue or employ it afterwards to assess outcomes and follow-up, CM1 offers versatile support throughout the mediation journey.

Why Choose us to Help?

Discover a New Path Forward with CM-1!

When traditional mediation falls short or feels overwhelming, turn to CM-1 – a revolutionary process developed by our very own John Cleary.

Whether you’re feeling unprepared for mediation or have hit a roadblock in your efforts, CM-1 offers a fresh perspective and structured approach to guide you toward resolution.

Don’t let challenges hold you back. Embrace CM-1 and unlock new possibilities on your journey toward clarity and peace of mind.

John Cleary

Unlock new possibilities on your journey toward clarity and peace of mind.

Conflict Management for One session – a one to one coaching session to help you get clear about your options and way forward.

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