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Conflict Management for One

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Conflict Management for One
Is Conflict Management for One designed for you?

If any of that sound helpful then Conflict Management for One is for you! 

What is Conflict Management for One?

Conflict Management for One is a confidential session with a Mediator or other dispute resolution professional who has been trained in the Conflict Management for One process. 

You control the agenda and they help you to gain greater clarity regarding your conflict related situation. 

The direction you take will depend on you. Usually the option to participate in a Conflict Management for One session is offered to both or all parties in the dispute. 

It is a voluntary process and up to you (and them) whether you take advantage of the opportunity. 

Conflict Management for One helps you to consider your options to manage your conflict. 

It is especially valuable if what you have tried up to now hasn’t worked for you. 


Why invest in a CM-1 Session?

Conflict Management for One sessions run for approximately 90 minutes.  

The purpose of the session is to provide you with the focused support of a dispute resolution professional to help you to make sense of your conflict related situation.

The goal is to help you to understand your options and what you can do independently of anyone else, to change the conflict dynamic. 

A $40 discount is available for healthcare card holders. Contact us to provide evidence of eligibility, and we’ll provide a link to the discounted price of $195. 

Satisfied Clients

We don’t identify our clients for feedback due to privacy as most are still working their way through conflict situations. 

John was very helpful to discuss how to frame questions and discussions to have less of an impact on xxx and to create less conflict. xxx and I spoke a few times and I think they are coming around to mediation.
Agenda Item Chosen - The other party or parties will not participate in Mediation. Where to from here?

Frequently Asked Questions

Conflict Management for One is a 90 minute session and costs $235 inclusive of GST. 

If you have a healthcare card or are experiencing hardship, we can offer a $40 discount taking the fee for the session down to $195

Not usually. Our services are provided by video meeting or phone for maximum accessibility and to keep the cost down. 

Our CM-1 Facilitators are all certified graduates of Conflict Management for One. They are qualified mediators and in many cases Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. Most will hold other qualifications but it is their knowledge of the theory and practice of mediation that will be of the most value to you in this role of helping you to improve your outcomes in the conflict situation you find yourself. 

No. Conflict Management for One is a session to help you to take stock of your situation and talk through your options, develop plans or greater understanding of how you can influence your current situation. 

Pre-Mediation Sessions are a session that takes place before mediation as a part of the mediation process. In pre-mediation the mediator will: 

  • screen for risk and suitability to make sure that mediation is appropriate.
  • explain their chosen mediation process and answer your questions about it.
  • Help you to prepare for the mediation process exploring with you your positions, interests and proposals. 
  • Discuss the logistics of the proposed mediation session. 

If you are using the services of a government funded agency the person doing the pre-mediation process may be an employee who is not a mediator so remember to ask if they are a mediator and whether they will be facilitating your mediation. 

It depends on your situation as the session is tailored to you. 

Some of the common outcomes are: 

  • Improved communication strategies 
  • Greater understanding of how to prepare for a negotiated resolution.
  • Greater understanding of conflict theory and why you and other people may be behaving the way you are 
  • A clear action plan if you are feeling directionless
  • A greater understanding of how to engage a lawyer or other professional for advice and good questions to get answers for 

We also provide a booking service for mediation and other dispute resolution services if needed.

No. Conflict Management for One isn’t a preparation for mediation session (pre-mediation) and due to going a bit deeper in our discussion it is likely to create a situation where we may have difficulty remaining impartial and avoiding bias if your CM-1 practitioner also works as your mediator.  They will be able to refer you to a competent mediator to assist you. 

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Choose clarity about your situation and options!

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If purchasing for someone else, please make sure that they have agreed to participate first. 

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