Conflict Management
for One

— Gain Clarity with the support of a Dispute Resolution Professional

Unlock Solutions: Delve Deeper into Conflict Management for One

What is Conflict Management for One?

Conflict Management for One is a confidential session with a trained mediator or dispute resolution professional.

You set the agenda, and they guide you to better understand your conflict. It’s your decision whether to participate, and the process helps you explore options for managing your conflict. This is particularly useful if previous approaches haven’t worked for you.

Discover Your Solution with Conflict Management for One!

Are you uncertain about Mediation’s suitability for your situation? 

Is the other party resistant to engaging in dispute resolution?

Have past mediation attempts left you dissatisfied with the outcome?

Prepare thoroughly for upcoming mediation sessions and ensure a better outcome.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of conflict and master effective management strategies.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you or if there’s something else on your mind, Conflict Management for One is your personalised solution! Invest in your peace of mind today and take control of your conflict narrative

Why invest in a CM-1 Session?

Experience focused support with Conflict Management for One session, which runs for approximately 90 minutes.

Led by a skilled dispute resolution professional, these sessions empower you to gain clarity on your conflict situation. Explore independent strategies to shift the conflict dynamic and make informed decisions. Invest in your peace of mind today.


What does Conflict Management for One cost?

Conflict Management for One is a 90 minute session and costs $235 inclusive of GST. 

If you have a healthcare card or are experiencing hardship, we can offer a $40 discount taking the fee for the session down to $195

What qualifications do your Conflict Management for One facilitators have?

Our CM-1 Facilitators are certified graduates of Conflict Management for One. They’re experienced mediators and often Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners. While they may have additional qualifications, their expertise in mediation theory and practice is what benefits you the most, aiding in improving outcomes in your conflict situations.

Is this just another name for pre-mediation?

No. Conflict Management for One is a session designed to help you assess your situation, explore options, and gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate your current circumstances.

whereas pre-mediation sessions occur before mediation, during which the mediator assesses suitability, explains the process, helps prepare, and coordinates logistics.

Is this a face to face service?

Not usually. Our services are provided by video meeting or phone for maximum accessibility and to keep the cost down. 

What sort of outcome can I expect?

The session is customised to your needs. Common outcomes include:

  1. Enhanced communication strategies.
  2. Better preparation for a negotiated resolution.
  3. Clear action plan for addressing uncertainties.
  4. Improved ability to engage legal or professional advice effectively.

I really like and trust the person who did my CM-1 session. Can they be my mediator?

No, Conflict Management for One isn’t a pre-mediation session. It delves deeper into discussions, making it challenging to maintain impartiality if your CM-1 practitioner also acts as your mediator. They can refer you to a qualified mediator for assistance.

When to use it

The CM-1 session can occur after a mediation that didn’t go as planned, during breaks between sessions, or as a standalone option if others involved in the conflict cannot or choose not to attend.

Choose clarity about your situation and options!

Visit our online store to secure a Conflict Management for One session, either for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone special. Please ensure that the recipient has agreed to participate before making a purchase

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