Thank you for scheduling your Conflict Management for One session.

While you are waiting for your session you might like to consider the agenda for your session. In Conflict Management for One it is all about you and what you want to discuss with your Conflict Management for One facilitator.

Agenda Choices

You’ll be asked to select one or more agenda items to guide the discussion.

You control the agenda in your CM-1 Session.

What brings you to CM-1?

  1. Is Mediation the right process for me?
  2. The other person or people will not participate in Mediation.  Where to from here?
  3. Difficulties with a service provider.
  4. The session(s) have ended unproductively. What strategies can be found?
  5. I am not ready, or I am unable to mediate at this time. What else can be done?
  6. Mediation is soon. How can I make the most of the opportunity?
  7. I’d like to develop some tools or strategies to work with the other person.
  8. Something else.
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