Transformative Family Dispute Resolution

— Transform your relationship into functional co-parents post separation

Parental Separation doesn't have to harm kids. Parental conflict Always does.

What is Transformative Family Dispute Resolution?

Transformative Family Dispute Resolution is a specialist form of Family Dispute Resolution (Family Law Mediation) facilitated by a registered family dispute resolution practitioner with the skills and experience to assist parents to not just develop a parenting plan but to develop a parenting aliance. 

It is for situations where both parents are committed to the best outcomes for their children but need a bit of extra guidance to overcome the hurt and disapointment that the end of their relationship has left them with. 

Be the parents your children want and need

The Family Law Act 1975 is strongly focused on the “Best Interest of the Child” which is a term that has a special meaning under Australian Family Law. 

There are six factors considered when thinking about what is best for children in terms of their parenting arrangements. If you can’t resolve your conflict and one of you goes to the family court these are the things that will be taken into account. 

Watch this short video for more information. 

Why invest in Transformative Family Dispute Resolution

Experience the focused support of a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) who understands that a grudging agreement is not the same as a parenting alliance.  

In transformative mediation you have the opportunity to be supported to have the hard conversations needed to re-negotiate your relationship rules and establish a new working relationship as co-parents for your kids. 

Parenting after separation is for the long term and focused on making sure your child is able to enjoy the milestones in their life without anxiety about which parent they can invite or their behaviour if both participate. 


What does Transformative Family Dispute Resolution Cost?

Visit our shopping cart for the full details of current costs – we work on an hourly rate and the number of hours depends on the complexity of your issues to be discussed and resolved.


What qualifications do your Transformative Family Dispute Resoltion Practitioner have?

Our Transformative Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners with additional studies in Transformative Mediation.

Is this just another name for Family Dispute Resolution?

No. In standard family dispute resolution it is unusual to focus as much as we do on the relationship between the parents of the child. The focus is on the practicalities of sharing care and communication between the parents about the child. 

In Transformative FDR there is in addition a focus on letting go of the hurt and transforming your relationship with each other to be good and supportive co-parents. 

Is this a face to face service?

Not usually. Our team are located in various parts of Australia and normally work remotely. In some cases face to face services may be possible if the logistics allow. If there are venue hire costs those will be added to the service cost. 

Online services provide maximum flexibility and keep the costs down. 

What sort of outcome can I expect?

The process is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of each others needs and the needs of your child. Outcomes include an agreement to work together in a way that accommodates the needs of all involved. 

The tangible outcome we will be working towards is a  parenting alliance style parenting plan that  will support your family by providing clarity about expectations. 

Can I talk to the FDR practitioner before deciding?

Yes. We like to have a brief, informal but confidential conversation with all clients considering Transformative Family Dispute Resolution before starting the mediation process. This provides the opportunity to ask questions and see if Transformative is the right approach for you. 

When to use it

Transformative Family Dispute Resolution is appropriate for parents who are willing to work together to improve their co-parenting relationship for the sake of their children. 

Choose to transform your co-parenting relationship!

Visit our online store to register for a free discussion with a Transformative Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. 

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