Take Control of Your Conflict with Conflict Management for One

How can Conflict Management for One help
with conflict management.

Understand your Options

With the focused support of a skilled mediator, you'll gain a clearer perspective on your circumstances and available choices.

Focus on what matters

Sometimes we get trapped in our conflict story. Your facilitator can help you to consider different perspectives and gain new insights.

Connect with Resources

Experienced mediators are well-versed in the available options and can discuss them with you, aiding you in your decision-making process.

CM1 benefits
Conflict Management for One

You can trust a mediator

We are here to help!

A Mediators role is to help people to resolve their disputes and manage their conflict situations.

If you have a dispute or conflict situation a conflict management for one session may help you to gain clarity and new perspectives on what you can manage, regardless of what others choose to do.

Why Choose us to Help?

The CM-1 process was developed by John Cleary who is a core member of our team. 

When you are not ready for mediation or it hasn't worked try CM-1 to gain new perspectives on where to next.
John Cleary
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