Conflict Management for One Session


Conflict Management for One session – a one to one coaching session to help you get clear about your options and way forward.

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Conflict Management for One (CM-1) is a specialist form of conflict coaching developed by experienced mediator and conflict resolver John Cleary.

The session is designed to help you develop a greater understanding of your conflict situation and to discover a way forward towards either a resolution or management of the conflict.

What the session includes

It is an approximately 90 minute session with a mediator trained and certified in CM-1.

You decide the agenda from a list of options and the session will go in the direction most helpful for you.

Agenda options

1 ā€“ Is mediation the right process for me?

2 ā€“ The other party or parties will not participate in mediation. Where to from here?

3 – Difficulties with a dispute resolution service provider

4 – The session(s) have ended unproductively. What strategies can be found?

5 – I am not ready or not able to mediate at this time. What else can be done?

6 – Mediation is imminent. How can I maximise my opportunity?

7 – Iā€™d like to develop some tools or strategies to work with the other party

8 – Something else (please state what)

Delivery Method

The session will be delivered remotely by video meeting or phone.


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